How much space is available in the new centre?

    The building will provide approximately 3000 square metres of space for community use. 

    Space has already been allocated to Aspiring Gymsports and Kahu Youth Trust.  A final mix of uses will be determined through this expression of interest process.  

    How much is this project expected to cost?

    The budget to retrofit the building is $4.15m - this is subject to final approval via the 2022-23 Annual Plan process.  

    How much will it cost my group to use space in the new centre?

    Rental/lease cost is still to be determined but will be consistent with Councils Facility Funding Policy 2019.

    You can read the Community Funding Policy online here

    How long will it take to retrofit the building?

    We are currently finalising a construction programme but estimate it will take approximately one year to retrofit the building. We're aiming to open it for community use by June 2023.

    We’ll keep the community updated as construction progresses.

    What’s the difference between this proposed facility and the Wānaka Recreation Centre?

    The new facility will not have a pool and there will be more focus on longer-term tenants with provision for pay to play space. 

    We expect this facility will have a lifespan of 10 years which will provide additional community use space until expansions are completed at the Wānaka Recreation Centre or alternative sites (such as the Ballantyne Road Oxidation Pond site in the future).  

    Will the centre have bookable space for community use? What type of spaces will be available

    The centre will have a mix of bookable spaces. The final layout will be dependent on the requirements of groups within the EOI and subsequent uses of the building.