What guidance are you following for this review?

    Check out Frequently Asked Questions produced by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency on Speed Management Planning:


    Are State Highways included in your proposals?

    No. Our proposals only cover local roads. State Highways are managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. It is likely Waka Kotahi will be consulting on its own Speed Management Plan in 2024.

    What crash analysis has been done as part of your review of speed limits?

    QLDC has undertaken two stages of crash analysis in preparing the draft Speed Management Plan and consultation. This includes:

    • the review of the last 10 years of complete data for fatal crashes and serious injury crashes on both the local (Council owned and operated) roads, and Waka Kotahi State Highways within the Queenstown-Lakes District boundary (2012-2022); and
    • the last five years crash data for fatal crashes and serious injury crashes (2017-2022) provided and used in the Waka Kotahi MegaMaps tool.

    This data has been used to analyse crash trends at a network level, and to evaluate the crash rates in the District against the regional and national picture for the potentially highest-risk roads (referred to as High Benefit Opportunities). The crash data has also been used alongside the assessments of collective and personal risk levels, which is used in the Setting of Speed Limits processes. The aim is to address safety across the road network by understanding the risk of certain types of roads, rather than a single road or a section of that road. Speed Management becomes one of the safety tools intended to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes, alongside other programmes including engineering safety upgrades and road safety promotion activities.