About the Survey

    How long will the Survey take to complete?

    Around 15-20 minutes.

    Are my responses anonymous?

    Responses are anonymous, you cannot be identified from your survey.

    How does this differ from the Census?

    The census only occurs every five years. This survey takes an in-depth look at life and issues specific to our district every year.

    Do my responses actually make a difference?

    Yes. By having data we are able to better understand our communities, and the views of many not just those that shout the loudest.  

    Where issues are in control of the Council, we can make more informed decisions based on this data.  Where services are not in our control, we can facilitate discussions and advocate for improvements. 

Taking part in the Survey

    Can temporary residents or visitors take part?

    Temporary residents can take part but not visitors, sorry.

    Why can't people younger than 18 take part?

    We only include those 18 and over, mainly because our sources of sample (electoral roll and ratepayer database) only contain residents 18 and over.  

    However there are some clear regulations/reasoning around ages to include in research. These are detailed in the Research Association NX Code of Practice: www.researchassociation.org.nz/resources/Documents/RANZ%20Code%20of%20Practice%20July%202015%20final.pdf.

    Can everyone in my household take part or is it just one entry per household?

    Everyone in your household can take part, as long as they are 18 years and over.

Additional questions

    Who do I contact if I have further questions?

    Please contact Versus Research if you have any questions about the survey on 07 856 7090.

    If you have a media enquiry, please contact QLDC Communications on communications@qldc.govt.nz or call 03 441 1802.