All My Place FAQs

    What happens with all the information gathered afterwards?

    The information gathered at these workshops and through the online portal will be collated and referred to when shaping the first drafts of these strategies and also plans for the district plan. These will then be consulted on formally later in 2019.

    What if I want to discuss other topics?

    There will be a board available at the workshops where you can write down your contact details and suggestions/questions relating to other topics. These will be followed up on by the relevant QLDC representatives.

    Will there be an opportunity for questions?

    There will be a few minutes at the end of the evening for questions relating to the topics discussed at the workshop.

    How do I register for and attend a workshop?

    To register and attend a workshop, simply head to our Events tab on Facebook and register for the workshop you'd like to attend.

    Why are you doing these workshops?

    The purpose of these facilitated workshops is to talk to the community early ahead of formal consultation later in the year. This is to understand public views on these topics before draft strategies are created for Climate Change, Housing, and Future Development. For townships (Makarora, Hāwea, Luggate, Albert Town, Kingston, Glenorchy & Kinloch), it also provides a chance to talk about upcoming chapters within Stage 3 of the Proposed District Plan.

    What is the format of the evening?

    The evening will follow a structured Full Circle format to share and brainstorm ideas together. This means there will be 3-4 tables covering specific topics. Attendees will start at one table and spend 15 minutes discussing a topic with other attendees and a table facilitator. When the 15 minutes is up, attendees will then move to the next table. This repeats until everyone has been to all the tables and have returned to their initial table. At this point, the key themes/messages for that table will be discussed and presented to the room.

    Can I present?

    No. This is because this is a structured Full Circle style workshop to discuss specific topics in 90 minutes. This is different to other style QLDC events which are usually a presentation, Q&A or drop-in session.