Who maintains existing public trails on the Mount Iron site?

    All tracks and trails on Mount Iron and Little Mount Iron are now under QLDC management including those on neighbouring Department of Conservation (DOC) land.  This follows an agreement with Department of Conservation (DOC) in May 2024 to transfer the day-to-day management of the DOC land to QLDC. This means Council is responsible for the maintenance of these routes including track upkeep, signage and safety notifications to the public. 

    If you’re planning to explore the area, we ask that you please stick to the public walking tracks and take note of signage identifying privately owned property.

    Can I access Little Mount Iron on a public track?

    Yes. The trail is an existing but old track on Little Mount Iron that connects Albert Town from Old Racecourse Road through to Wānaka at Hidden Hills Drive. The views off the top are incredible.

    Please be aware the trail is an old farm track which means its steep and rough in places and isn’t fully formed. Walkers will need to follow the signs and orange markers to navigate the trail safely. The trail can be walked from either direction.

    What’s being done around Wildfire prevention in this area?

    In early 2024 a network of five pole-mounted environmental monitoring sensor units were installed around the Mount Iron Recreation Reserve in Wānaka.

    Information captured from the sensors will be available on an app providing live micro-climate weather updates, air quality, and visual and thermal imaging which can also assist in early fire detection. Find out more about the project at https://www.qldc.govt.nz/your-council/major-projects/environmental-monitoring-system

    We've also introduced new reserve closure protocols to be implemented when fire indices reach extreme levels. This removes the potential for ignition to occur and reduces the risk to life or property.   

    For more information on our Wildfire Prevention Programme head to www.qldc.govt.nz/community/managing-the-risk-of-wildfire/

    Can the public create their own bike tracks and trails on Mount Iron?

    In short no! Please do not dig, prune, rake, or try to develop new trails up on Mount Iron or take your bike up there!

    While we develop the Reserve Management Plan, it’s important the reserve remains as is and is used how it has always been until the community can have a say on the future of this area.

    Can I ride my bike up Mount Iron?

    No. Biking is only allowed around the bottom of Mount Iron between Anderson Road and Old Racecourse Road on shared pathways. No mountain biking or access to the top of Mount Iron by bike is allowed.  

    Is Department of Conservation (DOC) land on Mount Iron to be included in the RMP?

    The draft RMP is being developed considering the whole of Mount Iron, but the RMP won’t apply to DOC owned land. QLDC has applied to have the DOC land vested to QLDC. If successful, then QLDC will take over management and the Reserve Management Plan policies that are developed will apply.

    What does a management agreement with the Department of Conservation (DOC) mean for Council?

    The Department of Conservation (DOC) and QLDC signed a management agreement that applies to the DOC land at Mount Iron from 1 May 2024. It outlines that DOC will continue to undertake all statutory requirements e.g., Regional Pest Management Strategy requirements, reserve closures and management of commercial activities, as set out in the Conservation Act. QLDC has taken on day-to-day management of the site e.g., signage, track maintenance and carpark maintenance.