What do we mean by 'affordable' housing?

    'Affordable' is generally considered as a household spending of less than 30% of gross income on accommodation. Our approach is to encourage the availability of different types of housing to suit different needs and price points. For example we want to see connected communities with a mix of apartments, terraced housing, smaller and larger standalone houses so there can be something for everyone. Housing can be publicly or privately owned and initiatives through the work of agencies like Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust and Kāinga Ora helps us with this goal.

    What about land for tiny homes?

    Read this fact sheet prepared by QLDC to learn more about tiny homes in our district.

    How do I apply for public housing?

    Find out how to apply for public housing through the Work and Income website or by calling 0800 559 009.

    How do I register for assistance from Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT)?