What are the broader benefits of disposing of this land?

    Disposing of the land responds to a wider district need to complete significant upgrades to State Highway 6 and 6A and improve transport choices for locals and visitors.

    What is the timing for disposing of the land?

    If approved, Waka Kotahi has indicated that the disposal process be carried out in late 2022 or early 2023, with the main upgrade to the State Highway commencing from August 2023.

    Any resulting modifications to the Frankton Golf Centre may begin either before or around the same time to ensure construction efficiencies.

    Why do you need to modify the golf course?

    As part of the NZUP Queenstown Package, there are plans for a major upgrade to the existing intersection at SH6 and SH6A.   The upgrade would require approximately 8,230m2 of the Frankton Golf Centre to be disposed of to Waka Kotahi to become part of the State Highway corridor.

    Why is QLDC spending money on interim changes at the Golf Centre if the long term future is not decided?

    Any interim modifications at the Frankton Golf Centre will be funded by Waka Kotahi, so no cost to QLDC. 

    QLDC has worked closely with golf course designers to ensure we can maintain the quality of the experience on a potentially smaller footprint.

    QLDC will continue to assess potential alternatives, and the feedback received through this process, before settling on the preferred interim layout of the golf course.

    What about the longer term future of the golf course?

    That is a conversation for the future.  Right now, we're focused on maintaining a quality golfing experience for our community and opportunities for junior golfers.

    Where can I find out more about the NZUP Queenstown Package?

    Full details of what is proposed as part of the NZUP Queenstown Package can be found at:  


    What's the process for consultation?

    QLDC is running a special consultative procedure under the Local Government Act 2002. This allows for submissions and a formal hearing before any decisions are made. Your say is important.

    You'll find full details of the process and how to have your say in the main body of this page.