Why is investing in public transport so important?

    Public transport (along with walking and cycling) focuses on moving people, not cars.   A reliable and convenient public transport system reduces our dependence on private vehicles and allows us to move about more freely with less impact on our precious environment.

    Right now, significant investment is planned to help make public transport, walking and cycling everyone's first transport choice.   This investment is driven through our work on the Queenstown Lakes Spatial Plan, Climate Action Plan and Way to Go transport investment business cases.  

    What is the consultation process for planning and constructing new bus stops?

    When new bus stop infrastructure is proposed, we 

    • Undertake formal consultation with property owners directly adjacent to the proposed bus stop, as per the requirements of s339 of the Local Government Act 1974.
    • Support that by requesting wider, general community feedback 

    Any concerns on things like access to property, safety, efficiency of the public transport network or visual effects will be recorded and considered.  Objections through the formal process will be considered by a Hearings Panel of elected members, delegated to make decisions on the matter.   

    When will the new bus stops be built?

    Work is expected to start in late Spring 2021 and continue through Summer.  All new stops are expected to be operational by Autumn 2022. 

    How will the new bus stops be funded?

    The proposed infrastructure is funded as part of the 2021-31 Ten Year Plan (Wakatipu minor improvements low cost, low risk: mode shift minor improvements).